Friday, November 03, 2006

"Effing nippy, innit"

......said the bloke in the newsagents this morning. He was about to make a purchase of 20 Rothmans and a copy of the Sun. " Well, what do you expect - after all it's November in England" said I jokingly. "Spoze your right" he gruffed angrily.

What a miserable bugger. Some of us, of course, had been up since 5.30am and had done a 3 mile walk. Do we complain? Never.

The only mild disappointment was being met at 6.51am by a security guard. Mr "Jobsworth" explained that the Kenwood Estate and Hampstead Heath weren't "open" until 7am. I pointed out that one can stroll on to the Heath elsewhere at any time. But of course, he wasn't having any of it.


Ellee said...

That is an early start, I imagine it was very invigorating at that time of the morning. And, even worse, very dark too.

Jeremycj said...

Let's say it was cool!