Saturday, November 18, 2006

Keeping active

Much of today was spent with Lord S. of Rickmansworth and his heir. The spritely 6 year-old showed us his footballing skills this morning, then after lunch, at home, run rings around me in the back garden.

Not to be outdone, yours truly rolled back the years and after 30 or so minutes of tackling, shooting, dribbling and doing "keepy uppey", one felt a great sense of achievement. So today's aerobic exercise has set me up nicely for the trek in Oxfordshire. Mind you rain is forecast. Am I bovvered?


Ellee said...

I'd like to have seen a pics of this, sounds quite amazing.

I hope it didn't rain today for your trek, I managed a six mile walk in sunshine in Cambridgeshire.

Jeremycj said...

No pics I'm afraid but no rain although it's coming in from the West this evening.

Excellent late pub lunch by the Thames at Clifton Hampden

Ellee said...

Well you must take some pics another time. I'm booking up for some weekend walks away with the Ramblers next year, I've always wanted to do the Pembrokeshire coast, so I am hoping that will come off, as well as a trip to the Forest of Dean.