Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Two pairs have been purchased recently and they really do make a difference. Any knee problems I may have had recently have just evaporated! The training schedule is going to plan without any great hiccups.

Tomorrow morning, I shall taking the usual stroll up to Hampstead Heath and back again. Then there's a bit of gym work and on Sunday morning I'm off to Oxfordshire.

Here are the details..........

Walk: 7 mile circular walk, Marsh Baldon to Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire. Could be fairly muddy, so bring spare shoes for travelling.

Lunch: Optional Pub Lunch (or bring your own sandwiches) or Pub at end of walk.

Walk Start Point, Grid Reference: Map Explorer 170, GR 562992. Walk starts at 11.30am. Parking at start of walk is either by St Peter's church or 200 yards further on at village green at Marsh Baldon, by Seven Stars pub.

If you want to come with, then meet me at Mill Hill Thameslink Station at 9.50am on Sunday.

I'm rather hoping that that well known plodder of the Fenlands, Ellee Seymour, will accompany me on a future occasion!

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Ellee said...

Two pairs of walking boots is always a good idea, I like to alternate if I am walking consecutive days.

The route sounds lovely, I hope you have a nice day. Maybe I will make it another time.