Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ten things I wouldn't do

Having been tagged by Ellee Seymour , I've listed below my "ten things" I wouldn't do.

1. Kill someone intentionally

2. Vote for the EU

3. Visit Syria

4. Become unfit

5. Lose my sense of humour

6. Smoke reguarly

7. Hit a woman

8. Never say “no comment”

9. Give up massages

10. Stop learning


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Restless in Dubai said...

I do not get, why would not you ever visit Syira?

Jeremycj said...

As this is not my rant Blog, I won't answer you.

(IMO, I think Dubai, UAE and others in the region would have full diplomoatic relations with Israel, if it wasn't for the "Arab Club"

Ellee said...

So do you smoke a little bit?