Sunday, February 11, 2007

This morning

Well the last stiff walk took place today. A 5-miler around Hampstead Heath and met up with one of my fellow trekkers, solicitor, Stan Harris

He had brought with him his wife and two daughters. All three kept up with the pace as we trundled through puddle after puddle over Hampstead Heath and beyond. There were loads of runners around. Presumably in training for the forthcoming London Marathon. Thought I saw Steve Claridge but I was mistaken.


Ellee said...

You really should be doing around 15 - 20 miles a day, what is the daily distance for your trek?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

About 10 miles.

Ellee said...

A piece of cake then. Hope you might be able to link up and send us a report sometime during your trip. If you email or text me, I will let everyone know you have posted. The important thing is you enjoy it.