Saturday, August 12, 2006

Breast Cancer Campaign

I've been involved with Breast Cancer Campaign for over two years now and have been fortunate to have spoken on a number of occasions for this wonderful charity.

As you will see from my special fund-raising website I'll be trekking in the Maasai Mara next February. This will take me on to another of supporting this wonderful charity.

In April, I had the privilege, once again, to speak at a BCC fund-raising fashion show run by Julianne Finucane. There were more than 100 in attendance at a Surrey golf club, mostly women of course but a surprising number of men too.

What I liked about this event, is that I spoke to quite a few people, and they rattled off various anecdotes and tales about friends and relatives who've battled with this terrible disease but they've survived and are living life to the full.

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