Thursday, October 26, 2006


Will be spent training in the morning at Hampstead Heath, followed by football in the afternoon. That's watching not participating. A certain well-known Kent club is playing in an East London suburb.

Should I video tomorrow's events for braodcasting on YouTube?


Ellee said...

Jeremy, I'm sure you are very fit too and not just a spectator sportsman, with the trek you have lined up.

Your friend is right about apple cider vinegar by the way. Add a teaspoon of honey and hot water and it is very soothing if you have a cold.

I start my day by detoxing with one or two mugs of steaming hot water and lemon, I swear by it, and I do have a very clear complexion which I contribute to this daily ritual.

Jeremycj said...

Of course the title to this post should have said "Saturday" and not tomorrow, although tomorrow would be ok today, if you see what I mean.