Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gym Membership

........has been taken out at a place 80' off the ground in East Finchley. Now that's got you all thinking hasn't it!

Still a fair bit of preparation to do, so I'll be down there 3 times a week and that's excluding the walking.

Have also added the very lovely Frances Oapen from Ramsgate to the Blog Links. A fiesty young woman, whose looking for a fit bloke with a Beemer! Her Blog is called FRANORAMA.


Ellee said...

Hi Jeremy, I'm a gym member too and am full of good intentions to get down there. I'm wondering whether to try a personal trainer for a month, that way there will be no more excuses.

I shall try out your Ramsgate recommendation, having come straight from another site from that neck of the woods. It's good to find new like minded sites.

Jeremycj said...

ES posted something here. But I inadvertantly deleted it. Silly me.

Ellee said...

Hi Jeremy, I think I mentioned that I was a member of a gyn, but hardly ever visit due to blogging. I was wondering about asking for a personal trainer for a month as a Xmas present to MAKE get out there and get fit.