Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 miles on a Sunday

Yes, I'm really going for the burn, or is it burp!

From Winnington Road through Hampstead and Belsize Park, over to Primrose Hill, where a banana was consumed, then onwards to Regents Park and Marylebone High Street. St Christopher's Place was reached a few minutes later then finally, Oxford Street. Did I flakeout? - NO WAY - my Trek training is reaching a peak!

A few minutes respite where water (not fizzy) was imbibed and then down Bond Street into Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and then the haul back via Tottenham Court Road. Along Hampstead Road and Camden High Street. Then disaster struck - a bus was taken to the bottom of Pond Street, Hampstead. "How could you? I hear you squeal - but the punishment was that long shlep up East Heath Road to Whitestone Pond (see pic) then past the Spaniards pub and the car was retrieved shortly thereafter.

I think that's around 10 miles - anybody disagree?

Now how did Ellee get on in Norfolk this weekend with the Cambridge Ramblers?


Ellee said...

Hi Jeremy,

You should have joined my walking group. I did 30 miles - and am very footsore right now, having just returned, but otherwise I'm feeling fine.

I hope you have received your parcel by now.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

The words wind and sail spring to mind!

Yes Ellee, I received the parcel. Many thanks.