Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some photos from the trip

Here's a couple to start with. The injured lioness as seen at the Ngorongoro crater and the gang halting for a photo-shoot on the last day.

Yours truly is wearing the Breast Cancer Campaign cerise top. (I know I'm a bit of an attention whore). On the left are some of our helpers and guides. William, "Mr Chris" (who enjoyed me teaching him some Cockney rhyming slang) and Themba.

These two shots were taken by Chris Cook


Ellee said...

I recognise the pink shirt from your other blog. I certainly couldn't have walked in that hot, dry terrain, what an experience. And great pics too. Have you put them on flickr yet so we can see them all?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Not yet. Please give me until after the weekend.

chris cook said...

when i want to cheer myself up, i look at the photos of the trip. So far i must have looked at them 20 times, i must be bloody miserable!!! Looking forward to the diary.

Anonymous said...

I look remarkably like Chris Cook in the bottom photo!


chris cook said...

so do I !!!

Ellee said...

Look forward to seeing the flickr pics Jeremy and reading more about your memorable trip.